Lindsay is a spitfire, freedom junkie, self-love warrior, and believer in all things magic.

My life has been an interesting series of events, unfortunate circumstances, self-revelation, and falling into the exact place I’m being called through my ever present intuition. It’s been a rollercoaster that’s taught me a world of lessons that have been laid on my heart to share. Through my own sticky mess, sweet unraveling and self-discovery I’ve been able to live a life I’m truly grateful for. Through my own self-love journey I’ve found my way home, and now champion for every woman (and person) on this earth to do just that for themselves. Rediscover their brilliance, unearth their magic, and fall madly in love with themselves, allowing them to live their most authentic and magnetic life.

I was brought into this world in little town on the east coast of Canada, Halifax Nova Scotia, to be exact. Big plans were in store for me, although ones which my parents weren’t fully prepared for. Within my first few hours of life I turned blue, and my parents were soon notified that I was born with a congenital heart defect, Tetralogy of Fallot. Throw in a lifetime of appointments, procedures and four open heart surgeries before my 19th birthday and I was a recipe for a whole lotta deep wounds, weird, and brokenness. Combine that with debilitating migraines, a lazy eye, social awkwardness, and ADD, I stuck out like a sore thumb, when for almost 20 years all I wanted was to desperately fit in.

Through my years of self-deprecating dialogue, desperate people pleasing, and stifling my individuality I found myself completely lost. I weaved in and out of trying to fit in, and rebelling against everything and everyone around me. By the time I was in high school I had no idea who I truly was, what I wanted, and where my life was going. So I surrounded myself with toxic relationships so I could at least feel needed, valuable, loved in some way. Needless to say, that shit didn’t serve me all too well.

After a few years of chasing best friends and throwing myself at their feet God/Universe gifted me the opportunity to finally wake up. After one too many nights of chasing my “friends” I found myself in a situation that left me utterly broken, but allowed me space to revaluate, go deep, and eventually rebuild. It was the most painful and greatest gift I had ever been given, because it opened my eyes and propelled me down a path of deep self-healing, discovery and ultimately my awakening.

Girl started to prioritize herself!

As I started to peel back the layers and figure out who the fuck I was, I found myself called to Nutrition. I stumbled my way into The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where I graduated in 2012. The first piece in the puzzle of nourishing my own body, and unearthing my passion for supporting others in their healing. Immediately upon graduating I launched my business and started throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something would stick, while full well knowing something else was missing. As I continued my own healing and self-love journey I found myself on the path of Yoga. Through my home practice I surprisingly found myself called to teach so in 2014 I graduated from my first 200hr YTT right here in Nova Scotia.

I continued to build on my skills of deeper selfl-love and revelled in the unpredictability and passion of entrepreneurship. This eventually led me to become a co-founding member of Luscious Life Design, an empowerment platform for spirited individuals hungry to create freedom. In 4 years working alongside the AMAZING LLD team I had the opportunity to flex my coaching muscles, deepen my understanding for successful entrepreneurship, train with some of the industry leaders in wellness, coaching and business, build a successful business, further my own passions, and help hundreds of women create financial freedom and success. It was by far one of the greatest decisions I have ever made for myself, my self-love, and my own journey.

Luscious Life Design became the stepping stone that ignited my truest passion, and led to the birthing of The Loving Myself Loudly Movement, a community, calling and support system for women longing to connect to their most authentic self. The exact thing my entire life and journey and brought me to. A Self-Love education and inspiration platform that provides women the support, community, and tools to dive deeper into a relationship with self, enhance their body image and radically boost their confidence. Thus allowing them to show up brightly, boldly and beautifully just as they are, in all that they do.

A place to cut through societal bullshit, embrace your most authentic self, and live your unapologetic life to it’s fullest!

Through coaching, yoga, group programs, workshops, retreats, social media badassery, motherhood, and living my most authentic truth I ignite and inspire women to live in their truths. To weed through what’s no longer serving them and return home. I live for my clients successes, and revel in their triumphs because every woman out there living her truth makes way for those around her to do the same. For me it’s about creating an impact and leaving this world brighter, truer and more beautiful than when it welcomed me. For that to happen it all starts with us, from within.

I am a firm believer that we are all meant to shine and have the beautiful lives that we long for. Only good comes from recognizing that we aren’t meant to fit in, but we are in fact born to stand out.

Whether you’re looking for support in health, or a platform and guidance to create your unconventional wealth, or a deeper knit relationship with your fabulous self, I would be ecstatic and overjoyed to help you dive deep, unearth your truth, and live your loud, proud and beautiful life.

Yours in Authenticity and Love,
Lindsay Umlah xx