Reflecting into Awareness – How to Journal your way to Self-Awakening

Are you living your life by simply going through the motions? Taking it day by day, step by step and minute by minute? Or maybe you’re caught constantly dreaming about the future, or worried about the past to the point where you’re completely disconnected from where you are right now? Whatever state you’re in, I can relate.

I spent a good part of my life going through the motions waiting for my moment to come. Pushing aside the big feelings and numbing out as best I could. I would show up, do what I had to do and then retreat back to my hole the moment I saw my opportunity. But being wildly disconnected from my life left me feeling incredibly empty, lacking and utterly unfulfilled.

I have no doubt that this is hitting home for at least a few of you out there.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted in life because I was never allowing myself to be fully present or to process some of the wild and equally wonderful things that had happened to me, nor was I processing how I was feeling in my day to day activities. With no connection I had zero feedback as to what fit for me, and what might have been way off base. This girl was coasting and on the verge of going down.

So what changed?

We’ll if you’ve followed me for awhile you know there was a big self-love awakening and a whole lotta WERK *snap snap*. That being said those changes never would have taken place if I hadn’t started at the core, with reflecting on my life. My self-awareness revelation started innocent enough. I had a journal, a pen and a whole lot of things that desperately needed to come out, and so I let them. Journalling had been something I used for a good chunk of my teen years, but I had always used it as an outlet to contain all of my frustration, disappointment and anger. I never really took the time or opportunity to reflect or take ownership for my role in all the discomfort I had been repeatedly choosing to experience. So I adjusted my writing style and I started to use it as an opportunity to ask myself the tough questions, to unravel the mystery that was my life.

Instead of simply venting about how So and So pissed me off, or What’s his face was a dick to me, I started to ask myself what was beneath my experience. What at the core was triggering me and what patterns could I uncover in my life. I started to realize that I was feeding into so many of my insecurities by the people I chose to associate with, the parities I went to, the jobs I chose and the everyday BS I allowed in my space. I started to recognize that I was if anything the root of all of my strife. I was choosing everything that was completely out of alignment with who I was uncovering beneath all the mess, and every single one of my values. I took charge by becoming the number 1 detective in my life, and things got really clear incredibly quickly.

So how do you get started?

Get yourself a nice journal that’s easily portable and feels great to write in. Something that fits in a purse or bag so you can take it on the go.

Set aside time each day either in the morning or in the evening to reflect and write about your most recent experiences. As you write ask questions like “How did that make me feel” “What was it that had me react so strongly or feel so hurt” “Am I truly enjoying this or am I doing it for someone or something else”. As you start to ask yourself meaningful questions about what you do or experience in the run of a day you can begin to connect to what lands and feels good in your life, and maybe some of the things that you’re simply doing out of habit or false obligation. As you build that foundational awareness through your writing and build the practice of checking in you can easily start to reorganize and reprioritize your life in a way that feels more harmonious and true to you. As we deepen our self-awareness we gain control over our lives, and that my friends is one of the more freeing and empowering feelings that you will ever experience.

From awareness we can make the changes that will set us on a course to live our most fulfilled and aligned life yet. This is my hope for myself and for each of you.

So go ahead, tuck in and become your greatest detective. Step out of the space of disconnected living and start moving from a place of self-awakening. You my friend have got this!

xx Lindsay

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Who is it All For?

I remember at a very young age asking my mother when I could start shaving my legs. Everyone in my class was doing it, talking about it, and in my mind it was this rite of passage, this transition into womanhood. I remember the whispers in the hallway, the chatter in the change rooms and feeling so incredibly isolated from the crowd. I had this desperate need and longing to fit in, and I was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen, including asking my mother weekly when I could start shaving my legs.

I remember feeling ecstatic when she finally said yes, and then only hours later, overwhelmed as I hopelessly stared at an entire aisle of products designed to meet my need of crowd appeasing hair removal. I finally gathered my purchases and with that rush of excitement, paired with serious nerves I went to work in the bathroom. It wasn’t long before the magic and muster wore off…

When I was in the throws of daily grooming I remember feeling nothing but utter frustration, torture and pain. From ingrown hairs, to itchy bumps & 5 o’clock shadow I was miserable. It went from being this exciting rite of passage to this daunting horrible task that was thrust upon me. Shaving almost daily for mere hours of soft smooth skin. I remember the backaches from being hunched over in my bathroom performing yoga moves to get every last hair. The endless bandaids and bits of blood all over my bathroom from desperately trying to navigate around knees and ankles. Every day I would ask myself “why the fuck am I even doing this?!” But inevitably I would continue… until one day, I finally didn’t.

It wasn’t this grand feminist movement, or calculated choice. It was simply a woman seriously fed up with the years of discomfort for societies approval. I never shaved my hair for me, it was always to be in that space of “fitting in”, and so finally I allowed myself the space to release the old story and habit, to figure out if I really even needed to get rid of my hair as a preference to me. At the end of the day, my body should be ABOUT ME! How would I know if I even cared about my hair if I never gave myself a chance to experience it?

So I let it grow wild, I let it come in… and to be honest initially I was SOOOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE! But much like my journey with my body image I wanted to see if I could normalize it for myself, and eventually I did. It went from being the thing I couldn’t help but see, to something that I didn’t even think about. It went from being a big deal, to something that hardly ever crossed my mind. I started to seriously appreciate the extra time, the saved money, and the detachment to this idea that I needed to remove it. I got really comfortable with the idea of simply doing whatever I felt like, and so some days I would remove it on a whim, a desire to try something new, much like I would with a new haircut or colour. Other times I would let it grow in areas for months or even years. I had successfully removed my attachment to the notion of not being able to be beautiful or desirable without removing my body hair. I was free to choose what my heart wanted, and it was wildly empowering.

Is this to say that you should or shouldn’t have hair? LORD NO! It’s merely a conversation spark. Something to get you asking the questions like “am I doing this for me?” Because at the end of the day, that’s what matters most. Whatever you do, you’ve got to do for you, Boo. Do what makes you comfortable, what makes you happy & what makes you feel like an absolute QUEEN!

xx Lindsay

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Learning The Lesson of Self Care – Big Business Bust & Breakthrough


This week has come in waves, allowing lessons to come full circle and permeate my soul. I’ve been a hustler & lady boss for the past 4.5 years, going against the grain and choosing how I want to organize my life, and ultimately earn an income through sharing my passions and gifts. It sounds glamorous, I know, but truthfully it’s not always sunshine and roses, and it takes a metric shit ton of energy, focus and determination. Throw in an unpredictable 2 year old, Retreat launch, and a whole lot of social media wrangling and to say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement.

I preach self love & care on the regular, and it’s absolutely a foundation of the life that I’ve built for myself. That being said, being the strong willed, passionately stubborn Aries that I am, occasionally I get caught up in the hustle and forget about the importance of harmony.

How sexy does that words sound to you? Harmony! YES! Who doesn’t want more of that in their life, am I right?

This week I got full on tunnel vision into the massive output required with the projects and circus that is my life in this moment, and I forgot the all important lessons of matching my energy input. I forgot to ensure my cup was full. Want to know the result? CHAOS & STRESS! Pretty much the furthest thing form harmony…

Thankfully I have an incredible support system around me, and I had the smarts to lean on them. It took a quick message from a close friend who knows me & all that I stand for.

“First off take a deep breath, you are a yoga teacher after all. Before you drive yourself nuts, remember to check in with your energy levels. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t force it. It’s all energy, and the last thing you want to do is give away all your energy leaving your bank empty before you even get started.”

I got the message loud and clear. Get grounded, fill your cup, and trust the flow. Running on empty will never serve anyone, or allow me to serve the community of women that I’m here to support. So I unplugged. I thanked my friend for not being afraid to call me on my BS, and pushing me into some additional self care. I indulged in a delicious lunch with my cell phone out of arms reach, and headed to a yoga class. I pull my head out of my ass, and tapped back into that beautiful flow of my heart. And you know what? It not only worked, but it resulted in more success, growth & action thank I had experienced all week. In the time that I took for myself to practice what I preach, to refill my cup, 3 women decided to commit to themselves and I came out of class to new energy & funds in my account.

We have to prioritize our energy! We have to make a point of serving ourselves first and getting really good at giving back to us, especially for those of us in a position of serving others. Be it coaching, yoga teaching, a practitioner, or a mother, we need to make a point of filling our cups, and knowing that if things get crazier, we need to do even more for us, not less.

So how are you feeling in your life?
Are you feeling in flow?
Are you experiencing that ever elusive Harmony?
Are you feeling much like I was this week?
Overwhelmed.. Burnt out.. Chaotic… in desperate need for a time out from life?

Take a moment here and get really honest with yourself. Whether you’re in the middle of a massive project or simply stuck in the throws of a traditional J.O.B. or Motherhood, how is your energy feeling? How is your body feeling? Is your mind stuck in a negative feedback loop that just seems like it won’t let up?

I feel you, and I want to help you.
Are you ready to help yourself too?

If your soul is screaming a big fat “LORD YES!” then this is for YOU.
A beautifully & thoughtfully crafted weekend of immense self love, and healing self care. The exact chance you’ve been longing for to completely unplug from life, and tap fully into your heart & soul. A dreamy weekend spent with likeminded women who fucking get it. A community to lean on, an experience designed to ignite and shape you, and the difference between feeling drained and completely overflowing.

Join me this October 27th-29th  for 3 days of Bliss. The Loving Myself Loudly Retreat Experience is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, so leap in and together lets step back into a place of Harmony & Flow. To find out more about this exclusive retreat opportunity along with how you can treat yoself visit our Facebook page and click on events. It’s time to invest in your absolute best, and I couldn’t be more excited to help you get back to you.

xx Lindsay Umlah

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Making Sacred Space & Fostering Meaningful Connection – Womyn’s Summit 2017

For most of my life I craved connection, but I had this beautiful knack of going about it in all the wrong ways. I spent heaps of time, energy and effort trying to fit into some mould that I thought would be more accepted, rather than connecting from an authentic space by finding my people. It didn’t matter how many “friends” were in my life, nothing felt satisfying because it was all built on this mountain of inauthentic fluff, and it left me with an even deeper longing for something more meaningful, it had me craving realness.

When I finally woke up, dusted myself off, and got to the meat of who I was, Hello self love journey, I cleared my life of those inauthentic connections, and was ready to find a space with more real, raw, unapologetic women, women I could dive deep, run long, and go hard in conversation with. I started making point of getting myself places that I was drawn to, places where I could make and foster these kinds of relationships. I started attending women centred organizations, events and retreats, and then I found Womyn’s Summit and suddenly the world got a lot bigger, brighter and a heck of a lot bolder.

My eyes were opened to a new community of beautiful soul centred individuals looking to live their most honest, wild and wonderful lives. Bringing up radical topics allowing empowering, challenging and deep conversations to unfold, offering knowledge by sharing the wisdom of our experiences, life and elders. I was completely blown away by the beauty of community living and support that’s so effortless shared at the summit.

I had found my people.

This was my third year hitting up The Summit, and as heart opening, soul connecting and incredible as each one has been, they’ve also all been completely different. This year I found there was more breathing room between sessions, and everything seems to flow with ease. The teahouse addition, and slower track made for ample connection opportunities, and I thrived in the space of welcomed conversation and intimate connection.

The biggest highlights for me are always the riveting conversations and unapologetic truth bombs that are dropped on the daily, both in sessions, and the spaces in between. This year there were a few other highlights that left me feeling renewed.

This year there was an ample opportunity for chanting, singing, and lifting our voices as individuals and a collective tribe of sisters. As someone that’s been leaning into the power of self expression, I soaked it all in, I thrived in it. Our first night together we had a powerful session of Goddess Kirtan led by Maryz and Michelle, of SuryaChandra. The energy in the yurt was palpable, and the vibrations carried us long after the chanting was over. We sang, we moved and celebrated together for what seemed like mere moments, and also an eternity in time. We set intentions for the upcoming days, and rooted ourselves in this higher vibration allowing us to better receive, speak and love throughout the coming days. The only word that can accurately describe what I felt is Magic, pure universal magic and intense love.

In the morning when I woke I still felt as if I was floating. I gradually pieced my belongings together, grabbed my mat and headed towards to big yurt in preparation for my first Kundalini Yoga experience in many many years. Leading the mornings class was the wild, wonderful, no BS queen herself, Anastasia Akasha Kaur. She led us through a series of mantras & kriyas that left me feeling invigorated, empowered and alive. Everything was presented in a way that allowed and encouraged honouring where you were. She enthusiastically encouraged us past our comfort zones, while allowing space for retreat and rest when needed. I felt held in her presence and it allowed me to go deeper with my practice, getting more in tune with myself. Previously when I’ve tried kundalini I’ve not felt connection to the practice, and often experienced frustration, agitation and fear. This was my first chance to fully slip into the practice, and it felt incredible!

There were so many beautiful workshops led by empowered wise women, like the closing of the bones ceremony led by Alison Capstick, a photography workshop and early morning walk with Chantal Richard-Mercier, Ecstatic Dance, a Twerkshop and so much more. The entire experience was empowering, enriching, soul nourishing and left me feeling reconnected and fulfilled. A highlight of my summer every single year.

One thing in my years of personal development, self love, and journeying that I’ve come to deeply understand, is that in order to accelerate our growth, we need a tribe. We need a community of like minded souls that we can connect with, that we can be real with, that we can grow with. In the same respect we need experiences. We need to be allowed the space to shut out the world around us for a few days, to dive deep into space of self care, soul nourishing, passion igniting experiences.

Much like our beloved technology that occasionally goes on the fritz, sometimes we just need to shut down. To unplug from it all, and reset. Recalibrate, reground, reconnect and get back to what we love, to fill our cup, and set us back on our path to growth. You owe it to yourself to gift yourself at least one big experience a year, to enrich, deepen and expand your growth.

If you’re ready to dive deep, connect to tribe & reignite a love connection with self then join me, Lindsay Umlah for our upcoming signature Loving Myself Loudly Yoga Retreat. This magical weekend experience is happening on the beautiful sacred grounds of Windhorse Farm, October 27th-29th. Enjoy self love coaching, yoga magic, meaningful connection and a weekend thats guaranteed to fill your cup, and leave you overflowing with new energy and appreciation for yourself.

Early bird prices are still available until September 18th, with prices starting at just $370 + HST. So go ahead and treat yourself, give back to you and set the tone as we prepare to wrap up the year.

xx Lindsay Umlah

All photos are by the beautiful Melissa Boucher-Guilbert

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Daily Rituals for Self-Love and Care

Life can sometimes feel like such an intense juggle of rushing from one thing to another, upholding our commitments to work life, friends and family, that trying to squeeze in a li’l somethin’ somthin’ for ourself can end up falling to the bottom of the list.

One of the best ways I’ve found to incorporate acts of intentional self-nourishment, which ultimately communicates a message “You are worthy of your own energy, love and care!” is to build it in to your daily rhythm. Make a habit out of it!

If you try to squeeze it in “somewhere” or think “I’d do it whenever I get a free moment”, you’ll likely wait far too long before you finally tend to yourself and your needs. I see this happen again and again, and before you know it, you’re completely run down, overstretched and frankly, in a self-care emergency.

Practicing intentional self-care, little and often is incredibly powerful! By creating simple rituals at the beginning and end of your day, you begin to create carve out a new habit. Like all habits, your creation of a daily ritual for self-love and care, will take clear focus and intention to begin with, but once you are in the flow, you’ll be doing it automatically!

Before we go any further, let’s talk about ritual. What is it exactly? A ritual is an intentional act that creates meaning in our life. The intentions embedded within the actions of self-care are as important, if not more important than the activity itself.

What’s the point of taking a bubble bath at the end of the day, if you’re laying there worrying about an argument you had with your husband, or listening to some audio related to your work in the process? Umm, no. Ritualizing the acts of self-love and care will ensure that you are crystal clear on your intentions for the activity, to give it more deep meaning (and boundary it from the rest of your life!)

One of my favourite practices to initiate ritual is to light a candle. This simple act creates sacred space. In the example of taking a bath, I fill my bathroom with candles, soothing music and nice smells. This creates a “bhav”, which is Sanskrit for mood; all the elements in the environment are creating meaning and aligning with the intention of: relaxation.

I use the bath example only because I know so many people enjoy baths for relaxation and self-care (myself included) but today I am sharing 3 even simpler rituals you can explore at the beginning, or end of your day for cultivating self-love and care.

3 Simple Daily Rituals for Self-Love and Care.

Wake Up and Align with your Heart’s Desire.

In the same way you choose clothing to for the day, choose to begin the day aligned with your most heart felt desire, in Yoga practice the Sanskrit word for heart’s desire is “Sankulpa” (also sometimes translated to mean, Intention).

When you wake, light a candle, signaling your presence here and now; awake and ready for the day. Take 10 full deep breaths, coming more deeply in to presence, feeling your chest and heart space expand with the natural fullness of the breath. Ask yourself: “How Do I Want to Feel?” (Full credit to the Goddess who is Danielle La Porte (link to http://daniellelaporte.com) for this verbage) Allow the answer to come to you, rather than thinking/ going hunting for it. Stay open, present, clear and listen for your heart’s desire to emerge. If you enjoy meditation, you may wish to then sit for your meditation practice, as I do.


Loving touch is an incredibly powerful way to stimulate the brain with the love hormone; oxytocin. It feels so good, we can give it to ourselves right now, and it’s free!. When you offer your self the care and nourishment of a self- massage you are giving yourself a pre-verbal message that you are taken care of, and loved. Choose a completely pure, organic if possible, oil that suits your skin type. As someone who runs warm, I like to use coconut oil as it has cool properties; if you tend to feel the cold, you could choose sesame oil, which is warming for the body.

I absolutely love self-massage with oil (in Ayurveda we call it Abhyanga) it feels so good, and as a self-care ritual, you can make it flexible. You can  do a full body oil massage just before you get in the shower in the morning (the body absorbs most of the oil, then the warm shower rinses off the residue, so your skin gets hydrated but you aren’t left feeling oily.) Or if you are shorter on time, once you are dressed and ready for the day, give yourself a hand massage.  Don’t underestimate the power of giving yourself your full presence while you massage, it can will turn the application of some hand-cream in to a divine moment of connection to self and the ocean love that exists within us all. Breathe, feel and be present to your touch. You could even add in a self-love affirmation, or chanting while you do it! Remember, it’s a ritual, and ritual is all about intention.

Gratitude Practice

I prefer to do this one in the evening, as it feels like such a positive way to end the day before tucking in to bed. But you may prefer to do it in the morning, if that fits better with your routine. Light a candle to create your sacred space and take 10 full deep breaths, coming more deeply in to presence, feeling your chest and heart space expand with the natural fullness of the breath. You may even like to lie down in bed to do this.

Place your hands on your body, you may like to cup your face as you would a small child or a lover; you may like to place your hands over your heart, over your belly or anywhere in your body where you have felt pain or tension recently.

Once you have that connection with yourself, hands on your body in an act of tender loving touch, speak some words of gratitude for your body or your life in general (silently or our loud) if nothing comes to mind you may like to try “Thank you, thank you, thank you for this life. Body-Mind-Spirit I am. So worthy of love and care” Lay with yourself breathing and allow the gratitude to flow.

You may like to try all 3 practices out at least initially, but a common mistake people make when forming new habits is that they try to do too much! So once you have decided which practice you want to incorporate as a Daily Ritual (and hey it might not be one of these three, maybe, you’ve been reminded of something else that works even better for you- do that!) make a little chart with dates for a 30 day period and boxes to check off. Place it where you will see it, and each day you do your ritual place a STAR in the box! Keep that chain of stars going and after 30 days you are well on your way to creating a habit.

I hope you enjoy having a play with these practices and let me know how you go in the comments below!

By Kate “Self-Care Evangelist” Clugston

Kate is the Founder of Radical Self Care Project (Link to http://radicalselfcareproject.com )  runs a small yoga studio (link to http://katealexandra.com.au )based in Sydney Australia. Kate’s gift as a teacher is in creating for space for wholehearted learning through embodiment; encouraging students to explore and apply yoga teachings to the wisdom of their own body.  She is the mother of two young children and a passionate advocate for women’s health and empowerment through the practices of self-care, self study and conscious activism.

Connect with Kate through her online offerings, including the free Radical Self Journal (link to : http://radicalselfcare.katealexandra.com.au/radical-self-journal  Radical Self Care Stories Podcast (link to: http://radicalselfcare.katealexandra.com.au/radical-self-care-stories and Guided Meditations

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Designing a Life you Love! – Desire Map Planner Review

I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants kind of woman, taking inspired action and cues from the universe on what I should do and when I should act. As lovely as it is to be divinely driven, inspiration doesn’t always strike in a timely fashion, and this often doesn’t allow for enough clarity and focus.

Without clarity and focus inspiration runs dry, energy slows and movement comes to a halt. I’ve come to realize over the years that I can allow space in my days for freedom of expression, spontaneity and inspired action, but the greatest way to be in motion, is to know exactly where you’re going, and a rough roadmap of how you’re going to get there.

This is where planners come in hand, and when you can get your hands on a planner that not only keeps you focused and accountable, but allows space four deep soul exploration, personal growth and expansion, you know you’re in for a massive year. Enter The Desire Map Planner, a place for goals with soul, deep dive connection, and so much magic.

I was so excited to get my hands on the brand new 2018 planner not only for myself, but to review it for this beautiful following. I’ve been on the hunt for the past few years to find a planner that pulls together everything I need to find the flow in my business and life, and I feel like this planner is going to do just that. I’d love to spill into all of the details, beauty and carefully thought out features that this planner includes, but instead I attached my latest YouTube video which includes my first thoughts, looks and experience with the planner, along with why I cannot wait for the New Year so I can tuck in and start using it to it’s fullest.

What I can tell you is that adding a planner into your life, and getting in the practice of putting your goals, dreams and to do’s on paper is a game changer. Not only will it keep you focused and in a forward trajectory, but it allows you the opportunity for serious life reflection. It shines a light on when and where we’re showing up, when and where we’re holding back, and helps us figure out when we’re in alignment with our dream lives. Bringing a planner into my life and working with it diligently has taken me from a woman with goals and desires, to a  woman who’s living out her best life, something I want for each and every single one of you.

So what are you longing to create?
What goals and dreams to you have for you life?
What do you want your 2018 to FEEL like?

Whatever it is, you have the power to bring it to fruition, and with a little help and magic from this beautiful planner, and the wisdom sprinkled within it’s pages you will make heaps of magic unfold in the coming year.

Looking to gift yourself this gorgeous planner, or maybe treat a soulpreneurial friend? Grab it below!

Snag yours here:
The Desire Map Planner from Danielle LaPorte 2018 Daily (Teals & Gold): http://www.daniellelaporte.com/store/…
The Desire Map Planner from Danielle LaPorte 2018 Daily (Charcoal & Gold): http://www.daniellelaporte.com/store/…
The Desire Map Planner from Danielle LaPorte 2018 Weekly (Pinks & Gold): http://www.daniellelaporte.com/store/…
The Desire Map Planner from Danielle LaPorte 2018 Weekly (Charcoal & Gold): http://www.daniellelaporte.com/store/…

xx Lindsay

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The Sting of Rejection – Building Resilience

Today I was rejected…

For a moment I let it sink in, i let it weight me down. I felt the bitter sting that for so many years I desperately tried to avoid.

For a moment i found myself back in my teenage years, clawing at anything and everything that I thought would bring me approval, attention, and love.

For a moment I slipped down the deep dark space of judgement. I allowed myself to listen to that voice that screamed so loud it echoed in my head “SEE, YOU AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH”…

For a moment I allowed my heart to cave in, and my feet to slip out from under me, and all of my insecurities to come crashing over me like a wave.

For a moment I placed my value in someone else’s hands, and for a moment i lost sight of who I am.

It doesn’t matter how long or deep into your self love journey you go, these moments will always arise, and when they do they will hurt just as deeply as they did in the beginning.

But guess what? When we make the time to do the work, when we become intentional with how we’re living our lives, and deepening our relationship to self, we have the ability to tap back into our truth. When we’ve allowed ourselves to feel and see our brilliance, it becomes harder to stay in a space of disbelief.

So for a moment I gave a fuck what you thought about me, and for a moment I gave myself over to the fear & doubt. But as quickly as it came, I allowed it to pass me by. I reminded myself of my strength, my beauty, and that there is no one else in this world that can dictate my worth.

I reminded myself of ME.

So don’t get discouraged if the moment comes, instead embrace it as the test that it is, and know that you’re building your resilience. With each moment that comes, your rebound will get shorter, and your light will only get brighter. You my friend are here for amazing things, so don’t stay down for too long.

xx Lindsay

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Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted: 3 Tips for Total Self Love

With new year’s, come new goals, and often those goals or resolutions are centred around getting the perfect body, uncovering your six pack, or loosing the baby weight and finally sticking to a diet. We get blindly caught up in the rat race of quick fixes and programs in a constant quest to feel good in the skin that we’re in. I’ve got a little secret for you though, it’s never going to work. You cannot hate yourself into loving yourself, no matter which program, diet, or latest trend you try. Through my years of personal discovery, yo yo diets, and radical shifts I’ve come to uncover that the only true way to get the body you’ve always wanted, is to start loving the beautiful body that you already have. Ultimately our end goal is to love the skin that we’re in, so if we start there it’s incredible the lifelong changes that can and will happen as a result.

Spend Time Checking Out your Bad Self

That’s right, give yourself the once over at least once a day. Spend some time staring at your body as a whole, and sending some kind, loving, or kick ass words at yourself, but more importantly about yourself. We get so use to picking ourselves apart, that we forget to look at ourselves as a whole, and honour the magnificent being that we are. So start checking yourself out, make it a habit, give yourself a little wink or nod as you pass by a public mirror, or catch your reflection in a nearby window or storefront. Get comfortable looking at yourself, and spend time showering your body with love. it may feel totally cheesy and awkward at the beginning, but the more we do it, the more we start to believe it as our truth, because guess what babes, it is your truth! We are each uniquely and divinely created, and there is no one else on this earth exactly like us, and that in itself is MAGNIFICENT!

Dress to Impress, Yourself

How often have you purchased clothing because it was suitable, or would fit the occasion? Or purchased items just because they fit? I use to be completely and totally guilty of this, and when I dove deep into my personal self love journey, I decided to only purchase things that brought me immense joy. To only bring home items that I felt flattered my figure, showed off the areas that I loved, and that I felt like a total rockstar in. This simple shift has been an absolute game changer for how I feel about my body, and has allowed me to show up in life with a new confidence and boldness. When you feel confident in the clothes you’re in, it allows you to feel empowered and radically confident in your skin as well. When you look and feel like a badass, you become totally unstoppable. So go ahed, invest in fewer quality pieces that bring you joy, that allow you to feel like the queen that you are, and highlight all of your favourite parts. Make it about you, and how you want to feel in your life, bring that magic into your wardrobe and own it.

Educate Yourself + Be Empowered

Knowledge will take you far, especially when it comes to basic knowledge and understanding of how to treat your body right. When you start to develop a loving relationship with yourself, you step into a place of wanting to do right by your body, and treat it with love and mad respect. When you back this desire with some key foundational knowledge about basic nutrition, and the power of exercise and movement, you’ll be floored at how much your lifestyle will begin to shift. It wasn’t until I started to radically love myself, that my diet, lifestyle and waist size shifted, for good. I was able to take the pressure off of where I was going, and enjoy where I was by simply doing right by my body day in and day out, and living in the moment by making my choices from a place of love. Honouring my body with my actions, and getting deeply connected to how those choices and actions made me feel both physically and emotionally. So focus on the love, and arm yourself with some basic knowledge by following some influential health and wellness leaders in your area, you’d be surprised by the free content that’s easily accessible through the internet these days. Find your people, and get your nerd on!

Essentially the secret to getting the body you’ve always wanted, is to take a bold step towards loving yourself where you are. Choosing to step up and own your brilliance, and work with your body towards your healthiest, happiest and most vibrant life. Self love is the key to radical lifelong changes, and I’m absolutely proof of just that. If you’re in need of a little nudge in the right direction, or some guidance on where to begin your journey to self love, be sure you’re following me on Instagram and Facebook where I’m often dishing out heaps of knowledge and experience on self love, as well as keeping you i the loop for my signature program, Loving Myself Loudly, which is designed to help you dive deeper into a relationship with your amazing self.

Whatever you choose to do, and however you move forward, I only ask that you explore the idea of what might happen if you felt confidence and beautiful in the skin that you’re already in.

xx Lindsay


Surviving Toddlerhood: 3 Tips to Keep you in the Now

Messy, wild, exhausting, vibrant and full on crazy! Life with a toddler is one of the wildest rides I’ve been on, and even though it’s only been a few months, I’ve come up with some solid tips on how to make the most of it, and survive the insanity.

Find the Joy

Toddlers have tendency to be full on, and don’t often have a happy medium. It’s either full on ecstatic joy, or whole body meltdown. it can be an emotional rollercoaster and be immensely challenging, especially if we aren’t approaching things with an open heart and curious mind. Each day we have a choice we can make, we can choose to find the joy in every moment. We can choose to open our hearts and live from a place of gratitude. When I walk in the world with a grateful heart and joy on my mind It’s much easier to be at peace and find the light in all situations.

Embrace your Inner Child

We all have an inner wild child, that free spirit within us that explodes with joy when we embrace it. That fiery spirit we unleashed without a care when we we’re little. Our children have this beautiful way of helping us access that spirit and joy should we let them. Get on the floor, roll around, get a little wild and get into the moment. To be completely honesty as challenging as toddlerhood has been, it’s actually been my favourite stage because I’m having a blast with my daughter. Not only do I get to continue to show her the world, and share my favourite games and memories from my childhood, but she shows and freely shares hers with her wide eyes and hilarious nature. Sharing her toys, asking to play, and seeking all of the fun their is in the world. When we allow our children to bring out our inner child, we can refuel and fill up through the joy we experience with them every single day.

Take Time for Yourself

One of the most important things you can do for yourself when it comes to children, no matter what age, is take time for yourself. Being a mother it’s so easy to fall into the pattern of giving to everyone else first, and feeling like we need to be on all the time. The problem is that if we fall into this trap and we never take time to fill up our own cup we become short tempered as a result of exhaustion, both physical and mental. Taking time for yourself allows you to not only create space and distance which can help you come back to a place of gratitude and appreciation, it also provides you with an opportunity to fill up your cup. With a full heart we find it easier to keep the peace, to see the good and remain calm amidst the inevitable chaos that comes with toddlerhood. Make self care a priority in your life, and ask for support in order to make it happen. often times I need to physically schedule these times into my week, and treat them like a business meeting in order to make them happen. But when I do set them as a priority and I make them happen, I become the mother I aim to be.

When you feel the overwhelm creeping in, and you find your patience slipping away, try stepping into the moment and trying to use these skills to help you make the most out of this wild and crazy ride.

xx Lindsay

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Embracing Our Sensitive Side: Freedom of Expression

Growing up I vividly remember the rollercoaster of emotions that I experienced on a daily basis, and the often wild ways I chose to express myself. Be it wild vivacious laughter, dancing and sheer joy, to ultimate devastation, uncontrollable sobbing and incoherent gasps through my tears. In the beginning I was open, I was raw and I was free to express myself as we often see young children do. As the years passed and I grew my wild self expression became something entirely different, it gained a label and gave me a title, The Drama Queen.

“You’re so dramatic!… Quit being such a Drama Queen”. words that I heard almost daily. Words that I’m sure I wasn’t alone in hearing. And with each time I heard them I would protest with as much enthusiasm as whatever I had been previously expressing, because every single time I heard those words, they stung. To me they said “you’re embarrassing yourself, you shouldn’t feel this way, you need to change”.

As a society we seem to be afraid of emotions, of feelings, but even more so of open self expression. We label those who choose to express themselves freely as dramatic, or sometimes even artistic. We shun them when it’s out of the context of an arts class or a dance hall, and we choose to alienate those individuals who are simply naturally passionate, and incredibly sensitive. The years of belittling eventually wore on me and I lost a piece of myself, I started to burry my feelings and emotions and I turned to expressing myself through writing instead. I no longer lived in a place of authenticity, and Instead I wore a mask and lived in my head. I felt like a fraud, and more importantly I never felt like I fit in. The feelings never subsided, I still felt and experienced everything just as deeply, I simply found a way to tuck those feelings away until I could get home and put pen to paper. I became introverted, distant and deeply depressed.

It’s only been in the past 4-5 years that I’ve been learning to re-embrace my sensitive side, to let down my walls and freely express who I am once more. I’m finally coming back to a place in my life where I’m unfiltered, unguarded, and wholeheartedly open and authentic. It’s been an incredibly long journey, and I have worlds of work left to do, but I have seen progress, and I once again feel free.

As a mother one of my goals is to foster that sensitive side, to build up my children and allow them to feel safe to express their full range of emotions. To take the time to see them, hear them and meet them where they are. To never have them feel ashamed for how deeply they feel, how loudly they cry, or how wildly excited they get. To instead empower them to be 100% true to themselves and hopefully bring a wave of change to the world, a change that accepts and honours our emotions and feelings, however we choose to feel and express them. As the mother of a wildly sensitive, driven and stubborn Taurus I’ve already witnessed her express herself freely, and challenge my patience in many ways. I’ve also already had people comment on how dramatic my daughter is, and how I need to correct her behaviour. But instead I simply say a simple reminder, that she’s letting me know exactly how she feels, and that my only job is to love her, just as she is “drama” and all.


We should never be afraid to show up as we are, to deeply feel, and to express ourselves. Here’s to wild self expression, deeply felt emotions and to the Drama Queen in all of us. May we reclaim that word and celebrate the freedom that it stands for, and remove the negativity that’s been associated with it in the past. Feeling is freedom!

xx Lindsay