Loving Myself Loudly


How many times a day do you feel inadequate, or unworthy?
How often do you hear yourself whisper harsh comments or thoughts to yourself?
How often do you compare yourself to others, and feel like you’re falling short?
How often do you find yourself crawling into bed feeling depleted, beat down, and completely unfulfilled?

You’re not Alone.
And this isn’t your truth.

Imagine a life where the deepest relationship you had was with yourself…

How would your world be different if you knew who you were at your core? If you could wake up each day knowing that you are a divine being, and an absolute gift. To wake up and know that you have purpose, and that you are exactly where and who you are supposed to be. That each hiccup, road bump, scar and mark that you’ve picked up along the way, has helped to shape and mould you in the the beautiful being that you are, and that there is no one on this earth like YOU.

How would you live knowing that you are inexplicably beautiful and magnificent?
How would you live differently, if you believed this with every fibre of your being?

It’s time to get to know who you are, because you’re SPECTACULAR!

It’s time to start Loving Yourself Loudly!

Loving Myself Loudly isn’t just a program or a quick fix, its a calling to something greater. It’s a commitment to a journey within, and a dedication to step into your power + brilliance here on this earth.

We each have something special within us, but through our upbringings, the societal standards that are imposed on us, and a whole lot of life missteps along the way, we forget who we are at our core. We lose ourself in those tiny mad ideas and stories. Somewhere along the way we start to believe the BS that the world tells us in order to keep us small, and we disconnect from our truth. This program is for those who are ready to strip away the layers, silence the BS and start openly celebrating their brilliance, even if it scares the piss out of them. It’s for those who are longing for a deeper understanding of who they are at their core, and are ready to start showing their being some radical and powerful love. It’s time to come together as a sisterhood + community and remember just how great we innately are, and to honour that brilliance and magic, by showing ourselves love in so many different ways.

Our 28 day journey together will be wild, inspiring, empowering and help build you up in a way that you never knew possible. We will share openly + honestly and start to break down the barriers and lies that we’ve placed over the years. We will fuel our body from a place of love, move our body from a place of love, and openly celebrate and honour the brilliance that is who we are.

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I'm loving myself proudly for the first time in 36 years!! This program opened me up and exposed things that I truly believe have held me captive. I have met amazing women who I now call my "soul sister's" that I can connect with. I struggled some during the process but I had Lindsay and the other ladies to encourage me. I was pushed out of my comfort zone many times but it turned out to be life changing for my whole family. This isn't like anything else out there because Lindsay keeps it real....No BullShit!!

Kelly Denton Canada February 2, 2016

What You Get

3 Soul inspiring Webinars where I’ll be dishing out some radical truth and helping you cut through the nonsense

Access to Our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Community * This is our connection Hub + Safe space throughout our time together

Live Q&A Sessions within our Group to keep you motivated and Inspired

Program Guide loaded with self love guidance, thought provoking questions + other magic

Daily challenges designed to push you outside of your comfort zone + break down your barriers.

An experience that has the power to create a massive shift in your life

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I too have gotten so much from this program. My soul is speaking to me so loudly now and I'm choosing to listen. I'm standing in my truth more and worrying less what other people in my life think about the way I'm processing life. I will continue to listen and stand strong going forward.

Amanda Stirling December 17, 2016

This program is your opportunity to remember your brilliance, reconnect with your truth, and rediscover just how incredible you are while connecting with a community that will stay with you long after our time together. Our self love journey begins October 1st, all that’s left to do is dive in + commit to yourself by following the link below.

Register Here: Loving Myself Loudly Program