Surviving Toddlerhood: 3 Tips to Keep you in the Now

Messy, wild, exhausting, vibrant and full on crazy! Life with a toddler is one of the wildest rides I’ve been on, and even though it’s only been a few months, I’ve come up with some solid tips on how to make the most of it, and survive the insanity.

Find the Joy

Toddlers have tendency to be full on, and don’t often have a happy medium. It’s either full on ecstatic joy, or whole body meltdown. it can be an emotional rollercoaster and be immensely challenging, especially if we aren’t approaching things with an open heart and curious mind. Each day we have a choice we can make, we can choose to find the joy in every moment. We can choose to open our hearts and live from a place of gratitude. When I walk in the world with a grateful heart and joy on my mind It’s much easier to be at peace and find the light in all situations.

Embrace your Inner Child

We all have an inner wild child, that free spirit within us that explodes with joy when we embrace it. That fiery spirit we unleashed without a care when we we’re little. Our children have this beautiful way of helping us access that spirit and joy should we let them. Get on the floor, roll around, get a little wild and get into the moment. To be completely honesty as challenging as toddlerhood has been, it’s actually been my favourite stage because I’m having a blast with my daughter. Not only do I get to continue to show her the world, and share my favourite games and memories from my childhood, but she shows and freely shares hers with her wide eyes and hilarious nature. Sharing her toys, asking to play, and seeking all of the fun their is in the world. When we allow our children to bring out our inner child, we can refuel and fill up through the joy we experience with them every single day.

Take Time for Yourself

One of the most important things you can do for yourself when it comes to children, no matter what age, is take time for yourself. Being a mother it’s so easy to fall into the pattern of giving to everyone else first, and feeling like we need to be on all the time. The problem is that if we fall into this trap and we never take time to fill up our own cup we become short tempered as a result of exhaustion, both physical and mental. Taking time for yourself allows you to not only create space and distance which can help you come back to a place of gratitude and appreciation, it also provides you with an opportunity to fill up your cup. With a full heart we find it easier to keep the peace, to see the good and remain calm amidst the inevitable chaos that comes with toddlerhood. Make self care a priority in your life, and ask for support in order to make it happen. often times I need to physically schedule these times into my week, and treat them like a business meeting in order to make them happen. But when I do set them as a priority and I make them happen, I become the mother I aim to be.

When you feel the overwhelm creeping in, and you find your patience slipping away, try stepping into the moment and trying to use these skills to help you make the most out of this wild and crazy ride.

xx Lindsay

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